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I am starting off this post with this note: THIS IS NOT A SCIENTIFIC TEST. Now let me continue on with this. So basically I got the Canon 100-400mmL for a week to shoot with. It is my first L lens and also the first lens I’ve used with a focal length like this. I was immediately stunned by the great stills you could take of wildlife and such with this camera (coupled with the Canon 7D’s 8fps burst mode). Now I was eager to test out this lens in a run and gun video scenario. With that I packed up my 7D and headed out to the shopping square near my house. I mainly shot at 300mm @ 720p 60fps as you can probably tell. The amount of detail picked up by this lens is awesome! Especially compared to my 18-135mm kit lens. Everything was clear and sharp. Focusing whilst recording was also great because of the smooth focusing ring. The build quality of this lens is extraordinary, I felt as though you could use it as a baseball bat (please don’t try that). The image stabilization was also superb, combined with a good tripod (something I don’t have) you could really shoot run and gun with this lens. Unfortunately my $11 SunPak tripod just won’t make the cut.


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